Story of the brutal dictator of Germany: Started campaign against smoking, hated alcohol


You must have read the history of Adolf Hitler, a fierce dictator of Germany. Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Austria. Hitler received his early education at Linz. By the time Hitler was 18, both his mother and father had died. Hitler was very much interested in the field of art. He was very fond of drawing. To fulfill this hobby, he tried to enroll in the School of Arts, but he failed in it. After this, his inclination shifted towards politics. During this time he was living his livelihood by drawing on postcards. This was the period when Hitler started hating Jews and socialists.

During this time there was a big uproar in the world. The world was going through the First World War. At this time Hitler was also recruited in the army and was fighting on behalf of Germany. Germany was defeated when the First World War ended. Hitler then resigned from the army and subscribed to the German Worker Party, which later became the Nazi Party. After this, he increased the influence of nationalist ideologies across the country. He started inciting people against Jews and socialists. Hitler's speeches were so powerful that even many sensible people came under the influence of his wrong intentions. Due to this, he gradually got huge public support.

Germany was facing an economic downturn between 1930 and 32. The effects of poverty and unemployment had increased. Hitler resorted to this in his propaganda and got wide public support. Gradually he came to the center of power. During this time he declared himself the President and Supreme Judge of Germany. Many people in Germany were victims of drug and tobacco addiction.

Hitler launched a large-scale anti-tobacco campaign across the country. The campaign took place throughout Germany between 1930 and 40. During this time tobacco and cigarette smoking were completely banned in the public space. The promotion of any type of smoking-related advertisements was banned. You would be surprised to know, but Hitler himself did not consume tobacco, alcohol, and cigarettes.

During this time, Hitler was electively killing millions of Jews. Apart from this, he started increasing the military power of Germany. People were being recruited into the army on large scales. After this Hitler broke many treaties. To further his expansionist policy, he invaded many countries. This led to the start of World War II. Both Hitler's expansion and power began to grow quite rapidly. In view of this, many big countries signed up to defeat Hitler and together started fighting against him. This led to the weakening of Hitler's influence. Finally in 1945, when the US Army entered Germany to capture Hitler, he committed suicide by shooting himself.