Story of a king: 365 queens and more than 50 children, ruled for 38 years


In our country India, there were many kings and emperors, who are famous for their special reasons. One such king was Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of the princely state of Patiala, whose tales of colorful mood are popular all over the world. Born on October 12, 1891, Bhupinder Singh became king at the age of just nine. However, when he was 18 years old, he took over his office and ruled Patiala for 38 years. Let's know some interesting things about the life of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, which may surprise you.

The colorful mood of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh is mentioned in detail by Diwan Zaramani Das in his book 'Maharaja'. According to him, the king had built the 'Leela-Bhavan' or the palace of the Rangaris in Patiala, where only people without clothes would get entry. This palace is built in Patiala town on the road leading to Bhupendernagar, close to Baudari Dari Bagh.

According to Diwan Jarmani Das, a special room in the palace, which was called the 'Prem Mandir', was reserved (reserved) for the Maharaja, that is, no one else could enter the room without his permission. In this room, there was a complete arrangement for the enjoyment of the king. There was also a large pond inside his palace, which can be called a swimming pool, in which there was a provision of bathing of about 150 people simultaneously. The king often used to give parties here, which he used to call his friends and girlfriends. Apart from this, some special people of Maharaja also used to join the party. These people used to take a lot of bathing and swimming and 'Ayyashi' in the pond.

According to historians, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh had a total of 365 queens, including 10 queens, for whom grand palaces were built in Patiala. A team of medical experts was also present in these palaces to check the health of queens. According to Diwan Jarmani Das, the Maharaja had 83 children from 10 wives, out of which only 53 were able to survive.

It is said that 365 lanterns were lit daily in the Maharaja's palace and on each lantern, the names of his 365 queens were written. The lantern which was extinguished in the morning, the king used to read the name of the queen written on that lantern, and then he would spend the night with it.

Apart from the colorful mood, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was famous all over the world for many other things. He had the world-famous 'Patiala necklace', which was made by the famous jewelry maker Cartier. It is said that more than 2900 diamonds and precious gems were studded in it. The necklace was the seventh-largest diamond in the world at that time. This precious necklace disappeared from the royal treasury of Patiala around the year 1948, and after many years, its different parts were found in many places.

Perhaps you do not know that the famous Patiala Peg is also due to Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. It is said that he had 44 Rolls Royce cars, out of which 20 cars were used for daily activities. You will be surprised to know that Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was the first person in India to have his own aircraft, which he bought from Britain in the year 1910. He also built an airstrip at Patiala for his plane.