Story of a fort of India: Cannon shells also used to be ineffective on this building


There are many such historical forts in our country India, which are very famous for their special reasons. One such fort is also in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, which is called 'Fort of Lohagarh (Lohagarh)'. This fort is called the only invincible fortress of India. Because nobody ever won it. Please tell that the British also accepted defeat from this fort.

The Lohgarh Fort was built on 19 February 1733 by the Jat ruler Maharaja Suraj Mal. Since cannon and gunpowder were prevalent at that time, a special kind of experiment was made in making this fort so that gunpowder also collided with the wall of the fort and was neutralized.

At the time of the construction of this fort, a wide and strong stone high wall was built first. To prevent the impact of cannonballs, hundreds of feet wide mud walls were built around these walls, and deep and wide moats were filled with water in them. In such a situation, even if the enemy crossed the water, it was not impossible to climb the flat wall.

It was not easy for anyone to attack the Lohgarh fort. Because the shells fired from the cannon would fall into the mortar wall and their fire would cool down. This did not harm the fort. This is the reason that enemies could never enter inside this fort.

It is said that the British invaded 13 times to capture this fort. The English army had shelled hundreds of cannon shells here, but those goals had no effect on the fort. He could not penetrate the fort even once out of 13. It is said that the British army, frustrated by repeated defeats, left from there.

According to the British historian James Tad, the biggest feature of this fort was its walls, which are made of special clay. Winning this fort was no less than chewing iron gram. This fort has always rescued the sixes of the enemy and made it iron.