Start your day by eating 'Dahi-chivda', which keeps obesity away from stomach problems


In the morning, the aroma of potato-onion soft-hot parathas, Maggi, pasta makes the day. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is more important to be healthy than tasty and when it comes to healthy breakfast, people do not see its options. The same poha, oats, idli, and cheela are left behind by those who feel hungry again shortly after eating. So today we will tell you such a solid breakfast option that is not only tasty but also keeps the stomach full after eating it.


Yes, this is a healthy breakfast, Dahi-Chivda, you might find this boring dish after hearing the name but taste it once, because only then you will be able to feel its benefits. Even today in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, most people prefer to eat curd and chivda for breakfast. So let's know its benefits and then the recipe to make it.

Controls obesity

By eating curd-chivda, your stomach remains full for a long time, so that you do not eat unnecessary things, which is responsible for increasing obesity. The amount of calories in this breakfast is also very less.

Rich in fiber

Chivda does not go through a lot of processing processes, so the required amount of nutrition remains in it. Especially fiber, which has a very special contribution to the digestion of food.

Cures stomach problems

Good bacteria are present in curd which works to keep our digestive system healthy. Consuming this breakfast gives instant energy. There is no problem with constipation, gas.

Dahi-Chivda Recipe

Chivda should be thick for this. 4-5 tablespoons of Chivda will be enough for one person.

First of all, wash the chives with water and then with the help of a sieve, remove all the water from it and keep it like this for 2-3 minutes.

Take out this chivda in a bowl.

  • Add a little cold milk to it. Leave it like this for at least 2-3 minutes. So that the milk gets absorbed well in the chivda.
  • Now mix curd in it.
  • The quantity of curd should be more than that of Chivda.
  • After this, mix whatever you eat sugar, brown sugar, or jaggery in it.
  • Your healthy breakfast is ready.