Sophie Chaudhary shares a bold-style picture, narrates a bad experience to fans


Bollywood actress Sophie Chaudhary is now a well-known face and famous name in the film industry. Along with being a beautiful actress, she is also a model, singer, and dancer, the actress who has reached Bollywood after the struggles, is now in the news and also appears in the headlines. But her life was not like that, which has changed a lot now. Sophie now has a good idea of ​​the modalities of Bollywood. That is why his picture has started going viral so fast. Now a picture of her bikini is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Sophie Chaudhary has shared this picture on her social media account Instagram. A long, wide note is also written along with it. Fans are responding fiercely to the photo. Sophie Chaudhary has revealed some of the worst experiences in her life. It is being discussed a lot.

In the shared picture, she is seen wearing a red color bikini. Sophie Chaudhary's bold style is being seen in it. Sharing this picture of her, she said that most people feel that she has not always been confident about her body, but it is not so. In the early days, when she was asked to wear a bikini, she was not comfortable at all. She was quite uncomfortable at one time about her body.

Sophie Chaudhary wrote, 'Many people think that I was always such a body confidant. The truth is that when I was asked to wear a black bikini during MTV's days, this thinking only made me mad. I had made up my mind to give up everything. I felt that all around me were very slim girls, while my body has a lot of curves. There are shortcomings and I had low self-confidence. It took me years to realize how important it is to love myself. Working on the health of my body and brain and accepting that the best thing in me is that I am different from others. '

The actress wrote, 'Now I feel myself fitter, happier and more beautiful than others. None of us is perfect. We all have our flaws and insecurities, but try to be humble for yourself, you will see how your shortcomings will start to look beautiful to you. To be fair, it is boring to be perfect. '