Sonia Gandhi's first love was not Rajiv but this football player! Click here to know


Congress President Sonia Gandhi married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 and since then Sonia is living in India only. But Sonia's past is also quite interesting. Very few people know that Rajiv Gandhi was not Sonia's first love. Sonia Gandhi fell in love with a beautiful football player of 26 years at the age of 16.

Sonia lived in Italy. Sonia Gandhi, whose real name was Antonia Mino, and her relationship with full-back Franco Luiso lasted for four years. The relatives of both were familiar with this news. However, Sonia insisted on marriage and Franco was worried about her career. So he advised to wait a little for marriage. This broke Sonia's heart and then Sonia left for England in 1964.

In England, he met Rajiv Gandhi. Time passed slowly and Franco also got his new life partner. Franco marries Nora. When Nora finds out about Franco's love story, she gets scared and starts burning her heart out with Sonia. Here, in England, Sonia had become very intelligent. He got a better fellow as Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia had forgotten her first love.