Some women of 72 look no less that 40 and are yet unmarried!

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It is said that couples come from heaven and everyone wants to be with the fellow. Talking about Bollywood industry, most of the stars remain in the relationship but despite being in the relationship, many stories are incomplete and many have found the desired partner, but today we will tell you about those crazy people in the package who are still virgins or Say that he could not find the love he wanted.

The first name in it comes from Asha Parekh. 77-year-old Bollywood actress Asha Parekh also did not marry, but she loved Nasir Hussain in her interview, she said that Nasir was the only person she loved but he was already married and he was someone Did not want to break her house so she remained a virgin all her life.

Tabu is also included in this list. She is 48 years old but still a virgin. According to the news, Tabu is still a virgin due to Ajay, while Tabu's name has also been joined by filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala and South Star Naga Arjun but he has not married till date.

The next name in this is that of Bollywood's most beautiful late actress Nanda, Nanda ji was a known actress of her time. He gave many good films to Hindi cinema but in love, he remained inconsistent as he had an engagement with Manmohan Desai but sadly, Manmohan died before marriage due to which he did not marry anyone again. Give that they are no longer among us.

The next name in this is that of Parveen Bobby, who nowadays rules the hearts of his fans. At that time, Parveen's bold ways were all crazy, although her name was in a relationship with many married stars, in which she took the name of Mahesh Bhatt and Kabir Bedi. But despite this she remained a virgin even though she is no longer among us.

The next name of this comes from Sulakshana Pandit. She was the star who started singing on stage with Kishore Kumar at an early age if she talks about her relationship, she loved Sanjeev Kumar and used to take life on him but unfortunately, Sanjeev did not marry her and she Kuwari remained because she was broken by Sanjeev Kumar's decision.

Anu Aggarwal, who is fond of everyone from the film Aashiqui, is also a virgin. She got fame overnight from the film Aashiqui but she is living a life of oblivion today. His career was overdue to an accident, today he is a yoga teacher.

The next name of this comes from Nagma. If the news is to be believed, Nagma has a relationship with famed cricketer Sourav Ganguly, but she could not get married and is still a virgin.

Sushmita Sen's name is also included in this. She is a virgin despite being 44 years old, although she has adopted girls and her name has been linked with many stars but she never married but she is now in a relationship with Rohman Shaul.

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