Some unheard and amazing records made about sex, you will be surprised to know


Records in sex! Yes, there are some Shurma and Some are able to make these records after a lot of effort and effort, while some get this form of Laddoo Prasad. Read these records (don't even compare, otherwise you can go into depression) and enjoy.

Largest male penis

American actor Joanna Falcon's penis is 13.5 inches (34.9 cm) long. The adult film industry contacted him on this 'ability', but Falcon turned down the offer. Once at the airport, the security officer suspected Falcon of such a long thing inside his pants and had him undergo a repeat check-up process.

Small male penis

Although size does not matter in sex, what about them, whose sex is only 0.39 inches (0.9 cm).

Maximum sexual partners in a day

A small or big penis can be natural, but having sex with multiple people on the same day is not possible without stamina and practice. Porn star Lisa Sparks had sex with 919 people in 2004 (once a day, yes, 24 hours). That is, in 94 seconds, Lisa's sexual partner was changing.

World's largest breast (natural)

Annie Hawkins Turner is the mistress of the world's largest natural breast. Their breast size is - 102ZZZ

World's Largest Breast (Surgically Implant)

Maxi Mounds is named in the Guinness World Record. This is because they have the biggest breast in the world, which they have achieved on the basis of surgery.

The longest kiss (kiss)

People express their love with kisses. But some people are so proficient in it that they make records. Thai lovers couple Ikhai and Laksana have created a world record of continuous smooch (in which each other's lips are not separated) for 58 hours 35 minutes 58 seconds.

Swallowing Sperm - Michelle Monaghan of Los Angeles has swallowed the highest amount of sperm, making a record.