Sleeping on the back is not right for pregnant women, know the correct sleeping position

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During pregnancy, women have to take care of not only their diet but also every little thing, especially the position of getting up, sitting, and sleeping. Even a small mistake made during this can be dangerous for both mother and child. Let us tell you today how women should sit and sleep during pregnancy so that there is no harm to the child.

First of all, tell you what position women should sit in during pregnancy.

Method of sitting in pregnancy

When sitting on a chair, couch or bed, keep the back straight. Also, make a small and comfortable pillow behind the back.

Do not put weight on your stomach

Whenever you get up, do not put weight on the stomach, but instead of leaning on something, get up keeping the stomach straight. Also, take care of one thing while sitting, especially in the last months. Apart from this, it is also wrong for you to put one foot on top of another and sit in the same position for a long time.

Working women should take care

If you work in the office, then adjust the chair so that you stay near the table. Also keep in mind that your shoulders are relaxed and you can place your hands on the armrest of the chair.

Turn right

To do any work by turning, rotate your whole body, and not just with the help of the waist. Never do any work by jerking or bending. Apart from this, always get up with some support.

Now let us tell you which position women should sleep during pregnancy ...

Gold position in pregnancy

During this time, women should sleep on their left side. This increases blood in the fetus and also provides nutrition. Also, put soft pillows under the head at bedtime. Take care that the pillow is not thick and hard.

Correct sleeping position

Keep the pillow between the legs at bedtime, this will support the stomach and give you rest. Put a pillow behind your back while sleeping on one side. This will not cause back pain. Also, in the initial period, women sleep upright. This leads to the development of the fetus. Also, while sleeping, bend your knees slightly. It provides relief to the back and does not cause back pain.

Keep these things in mind too

- It is very important to drink water, but if you are pregnant, drink water about 2 hours before bedtime. This will give energy to the child.

- Wear loose clothes at night while sleeping. This will make you sleep well and make the baby feel good too.

-Keep this thing in mind that you should not worry about any kind of thing at bedtime because it will stress you and interrupt your sleep.

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