Skincare Tips:-These six hygienic habits will make your skin flawless and beautiful


We all want to get healthy and beautiful skin and for this, we do everything from skin cleaning to toning and moisturizing. But if you think that the CTM routine will give your skin a naturally flawless look, then you are wrong. While cleaning the skin, moisturizing it, and applying sunscreen, it is very important to adopt some hygiene habits. It is not enough just to apply skincare products on the skin, you must apply them properly. Also, how much you focus on hygiene during the application of skin care products is equally important. So, today we are telling you about some such skincare hygiene habits, by focusing on which you can get beautiful skin-

Do handwash before touching the face

We touch our face several times during the day and during this time many types of germs and bacteria are inadvertently transferred to our face. Due to which your skin becomes more oily, as well as it can cause pimples and breakouts on your skin. So try to avoid touching your face as far as possible. Apart from skincare products, before applying makeup, clean your hands and beauty application tools thoroughly.


No matter how busy you are at work all day, but you must make sure to remove your makeup before going to sleep at night. Never make the mistake of sleeping with makeup by mistake. If you sleep with makeup, it blocks the skin pores and many problems start from breakouts to skin aging.

Do not pop the pimples

Sometimes there are breakouts or pimples on the skin and usually, we pop it. However, it is never considered a good skincare practice. When you pop the grains in this way, there are marks on the face, which do not go easily. Therefore, if there are rashes on the skin, do not pop the pimples in such a situation. Rather leave them as is.

Change loofah from time to time

There is no denying that the loofah gives you a good scrub and helps in removing dead skin cells. But it can cause skin issues. When you use the loofah during bathing every day, some dirt and skin cells may accumulate on it. In such a situation, when you keep using this loofah continuously, it can cause infection and irritation in the skin. So to keep your skin healthy, change your old loofah every two to three months.

Limited Face Wash

Generally, women feel that the more she washes her face, the better her skin gets. However, your thinking is not correct. You’re washing face frequently than is lost moisture to your face. Also, sebaceous glands become overactive to restore the lost moisture of their skin. As a result of which the skin becomes oilier and in this case, the excess oil present on your skin can cause breakouts.

Never share personal care items

Sharing your care items such as your towel, soap, razor, comb, makeup brush or makeup is one of the worst skincare hygiene habits. This not only increases the chances of infection spreading but also invites many skincare issues. So you mustn't share personal care items with anyone. If for some reason you share your care items, clean them thoroughly before using them again.

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