Skincare Tips: Do these 6 things after 30, the skin will look younger


These 6 works can help you a lot to keep the skin young. Do these 6 things in your skincare routine.

The skin of many people is very beautiful and we should do a lot to keep this beautiful skin always like this. It has often been seen that people try to connect their skin with beauty routine only, but do you know that lifestyle habits are also very important for the skin. Yes, some of your wrong habits can spoil your skin completely and can also make the skin grow old quickly.

If your skin is very good, then it is important to take care of some things to keep it young. So, today we tell you about 6 such hacks that will be helpful to give skin a younger look.

1. Mild face wash-

Tip- Keep in mind that while choosing face wash, try to choose a product that contains glycerin.

Maybe and do a lot of make-up or you will be fond of trying different types of products on the skin, but all these things can irritate your skin very much. To slow the aging of the skin, a gentle face wash is necessary which removes oil, dirt, dust, etc. from the skin and does not allow blackheads to form. Also, remove the make-up particles and keep the skin clean and gentle. If your skin is oily, creamy face wash and if dry, then face wash with gels will be quite necessary.

2. Never say no to sunscreen-

Tip- Try to choose a sunscreen that also contains Vitamin E. It can treat the skin much better.

You may have read many times about the use of sunscreen, but it is very important that you keep sunscreen at home as well as avoid UVA and UVB res. Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc., maybe the signs of age due to sun rays. The higher the SPF, the better, but if you live in places with less sun, then 20-30 SPF will be enough. Do not go above that. Yes, if you live in a humid climate and sunny areas then more SPF would be better.

You can choose sunscreen according to your skin type such as ultra-matte dry, gel form, velvety, etc. There are many varieties available.

3. Retinol can be beneficial-

Tip- Retinol night cream may prove to be more effective, but if you have acne, consult a doctor once.

You must have heard the name of retinol in many products nowadays. There are many benefits to using retinol in the skin. Retinol or vitamin A may be beneficial for skin regeneration. For wrinkles and fine lines, it can prove to be a very important ingredient. The retinoid powder is also available in the market nowadays. You have to design which products of retinol you will use.

4. Food and water

Tip- Try to drink infused water instead of all water for hydration. It is more good for skin defense.

Dehydration can prove to be one of the biggest causes of skin damage, and along with that, if you drink less than 8 glasses of water daily, it can also be a cause of skin breakage. At the same time, a healthy diet is also essential for skin detox which contains more green vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh juices. You should drink less alcohol which reduces skin dehydration. You should also stay away from artificial sugar and the use of honey, jaggery, etc. will be better. There is a need to stay away from caffeine which ages the skin quickly.

5. Night Cream and Night Sleep

Tip- You should choose hydrating but light night cream for your skin which does not bring much oil to the skin.

Just as sleep is necessary to keep the skin fine, in the same way, a night cream is also very important for you. A night cream can help repair the skin and can be a very good habit. If your skin protects you from UVA and UVB rays through sunscreen, then night cream protects you from the blue light of phones and laptops. A night cream can repair your skin properly in 8 hours of sleep.

6. Exercising is also important

Tip- You can also work out 3-4 days a week, but that should be a high-intensity workout.

This is the tip that most people ignore. To reverse the aging process of the skin, the body's blood circulation needs to be corrected. Skin is also the largest detoxification agent of our body and the more toxins are released from the skin, the more perspiration. It also cures blood circulation and makes skin plump and glowing.

All these tips will help you create a healthy skincare routine.