Skincare: Make a face pack with a potato like this!


Potato is a vegetable that is available in every home kitchen, potato is nectar for skincare along with health, potato is a natural bleaching agent. It contains antioxidants that provide protection to our skin from pollution and damage from sun rays. It controls sebum and prevents nail acne, so today we will talk to you, if you have any problem with your skin, then you should apply a face pack made of potatoes.

First of all, grind the potatoes in a fine paste or grinder to remove the juice of the potato and use it in the face pack. For making a face pack, the ingredients required for potato juice -

3 tablespoons

honey - 2 tablespoons

potato face pack

Method of preparation: Make a face pack by mixing potato juice and honey well in the above-mentioned ratio. Now apply it on your face and neck and wash the face when it dries.