Skincare DIY: You can also get glowing skin with this homemade face pack made of millet flour


Skin problems matter the most to any girl. Girls try a variety of remedies to improve the skin. Skin cleansing is most effective by using a variety of household products. The use of natural ingredients in the face also improves the skin and does not have any side effects. One of such home remedies is to use millet flour on the skin.

A face pack is prepared by mixing some household ingredients in millet flour and by using it to get rid of many skin-related problems, the face can also be made glowing. Let's know how a face pack can be prepared by mixing milk and rose water in millet flour and how to use it in the face.

Benefits of millet flour for skin

Bajra flour is slightly thicker than other flours. Using it as a scrub on the skin removes dead skin and brightens the skin. Its use also relieves the problem of blackheads to a large extent.

Raw milk benefits for skin

Lactic acid is found in raw milk. It acts as a cleanser for the skin. The use of raw milk relieves the problem of aging. It helps to keep the skin young and fresh for a long time. Using it mixed with millet flour has a double effect on the skin and relieves the problem of skin wrinkles.

Rosewater benefits for skin

Rosewater is very beneficial for the skin. It has many benefits for the skin. It acts as a toner for the skin and gets rid of wrinkles. It provides coolness to the skin and helps in clearing the pores.

Millet flour face pack

Necessary ingredients

  • Millet flour - 1 cup
  • Raw milk - 1/2 cup
  • Rose water - 1/2 teaspoon

Method of making

  • Take millet flour in a bowl and mix raw milk in it to make a paste.
  • Mix both the ingredients well and add rose water to it.
  • The face pack is ready to use.

Method of use

  • First of all clean the face with a cleanser or raw milk.
  • Apply the face pack well to the entire face and neck.
  • Keep the face pack on for at least 25 minutes.
  • When the face pack starts to dry, wet the pack by spraying water on the face.
  • Remove face pack from the face by moving it circularly with light hands and wash face with water.
  • This face pack will act as a scrub and will help in removing dead skin.
  • Using this pack once in 15 days will cause the face to glow.

Face pack benefits for skin

  • Use of this face pack removes skin tanning.
  • Removes dead facial skin.
  • Soak up excess facial oil and relieve the problem of the pimple.
  • Clean the skin's pores from within.

The use of this face is completely natural and has no side effects on the skin. But before using it on sensitive skin, do a patch test.

Image Credit: freepik and pintrest