Skin Care Tips: Japanese Bathing Technique is effective for softening the skin and relaxing the body


Bathing in the Japanese way is also very important for skin glow and at the same time, it is also good for relaxing the body.

Bathing in Japan is not taken as a task, it is not done in a hurry, but there are the right time and right place for it. Even though Japanese houses are small, the bathrooms are not kept small for bathing. There is a specially designed bathtub, a place of shower or drain, and then much more. Let me tell you one more thing that most of the Japanese prefer to take a bath not in the day but the evening so that they get full time.

The reason people have good skin in Japan is their lifestyle and a big reason is their bathing method. If you want to take a bath in a Japanese way, it may take some time, but it is very good for skin exfoliation. Bath soap, bath salts, essential oils, etc. are also used for bathing here.

Step 1- Shower is first

Just as the shower is taken before going to the swimming pool, similarly in Japan, water is applied to the body once before, here some people also use soap. This is so that the dirt and dirt, etc., come out of the body throughout the day. The Japanese shower is not very long, rather, it is just for removing soil, etc. Now in India it takes a complete bath in such a time, but it starts in Japan.

Step 2- Soaking-

Just as the bitter gourd is soaked in saltwater to relieve its bitterness, lukewarm water is added to the Japanese bathtub by mixing several types of bathing salt and essential oil. Now there is soaking in it. To exfoliate the skin and open the skin pores, you must take the help of lukewarm water, the same practice is adopted in Japan. Any amount of time can be taken for this. People prefer to stay in this water for a few minutes to half an hour. It is also very important for body relaxation.

Note: If you have long hair, keep them away from the tub. Use a shower cap or a high bun.

Step 3- Shower once again

This step is not necessary, but many times people follow it. This is so that the skin pores open slightly and at the same time the steam gets filled in the bathroom by this time and it also increases the body temperature, it not only exfoliates the body but also keeps the metabolism of the body right.

Step 4- Socking once again-

Many people do not do this step as well, it can also be due to lack of time, re-soaking in lukewarm water provides relaxation. If your body is more tired then this step is very effective for relieving all the muscles and reducing the pain. Japanese bathtubs are also slightly darker and are made from materials in such a way that the water remains warmer for longer.

This method of Japanese bath is very effective. For most Japanese, an evening bath is also a way to eliminate stress throughout the day. Japanese lifestyle is such that there is a lot of impact on people's skin and fitness. There are also many bathhouses in Japan where you can go and follow all these steps.

Not every day of the week, if you do it even once a week, then your skin and body will get a lot of benefit from it. So, you must try it once. Along with trying it, you can also tell us your experience in the comment section.