Sita sat with Narendra Modi, ​Ram-Laxman, and the stylish Ravana, having fun, Unseen pics of Ramayana Starcast


The pictures of the star cast of Ramayana, which you may not have seen, are seen here, not Ram with Sita but Ravana stepping into the Parliament.

Today we are talking about the TV serial which created history. The artists of which were considered as the form of God. Who taught Ramayana to people in the 90s. Yes, the Ramanand Sagar serial Ramayan is being talked about here. There are many stories and stories associated with this serial. For those who were children at that time, perhaps Arun Govil was Rama. Even children and elders thought that only Arun Govil and Deepika Chikhaliya would bless them in the form of Rama and Sita.

Last year, where the serial Ramayana and Mahabharata were telecasted again, now this year also it is being talked about telecasting once again due to Coronavirus and lockdown in many places. Deepika Chikhalia herself has given information about this.

The most popular show of the past, the Ramayana has reminded people of Rama. During this time why not see some of his pictures that you may not have seen before. You must have seen Ram and Laxman together in the Ramayana, but have you seen the style of Arun Govil and Sunil Lahiri as seen in the picture above. No?

Arun Govil who became Ram-

Arun Govil 's first film was Paheli, he had a small side role in the film. After this, he worked in another film 'Sawan Ane Do'. After this, he got the TV serial Vikram and Baital in which he played the role of Vikramaditya and then he became Raja Ram. Although Arun Govil did many films in the meantime, the popularity that he got as Raja Ram would rarely get him.

Very few people know that Arun Govil came to Mumbai at the age of 17 to do business. But if he could not find his heart, he turned to films. His films have also been successful.

These pictures are from some Bollywood movies of Arun Govil, but let me tell you that he used to be a chain smoker at one time, but his popularity as Raja Ram increased so much that he had to quit smoking in a public place.

Deepika Chikhaliya from Sita to Parliament

Deepika Chikhaliya was very well rumored in Sita's role. Before 1987, Deepika was counted in the heroin of B grade films. Before people knew Deepika Chikhaliya as Sita, she used to see her as a side actress. After this, he also got the show Vikram and Baital and then Ramayana. Sita just became Phil Deepika.

Deepika Chikhaliya has also been active in politics. Along with meeting Modi and Advani, she contested Vadodara's seat in the tenth Lok Sabha elections of 1991. After this, Deepika was also one of the MPs who took the oath during that time.

Look at this picture. They are climbing the stairs of Parliament, they are Deepika i.e. Sita, and Lankesh Ravana i.e. Arvind Trivedi. At this time he was already 53 years old, but look how stylish he looks wearing a kurta pajama. He too was given a ticket by the BJP and just think what would have been his election campaign? Their electoral issue was the Ram temple.

Sunil Lahiri who was obedient

In the midst of all this, Sunil Lahiri also got a lot of fame. Sunil Lahiri, who hails from Damho in Madhya Pradesh, made his debut with the film The Naxalites in which he played a very small role, but the film flopped. The stardom of Sunil Lahiri, who plays a role in two more films and TV serials, is associated with the Ramayana itself.

After the Ramayana, he became a favorite of every household. He also opened a production company named Ram Laxman in association with Ram i.e. Arun Govil. Now see for yourself how stylish he used to look during his youth.

Ramayana TV serial had taken Ram and Sita to the doorstep and its retail is also becoming very famous. Maybe you like this TV serial too. If you liked this story, then do share it and at the same time stay connected with such news for every life.

All Image Credit: Pinterest / Instagram fan page / deepika chikhilia Twitter / celebrity born