Shocking claims of scientists on climate change, many species of humans become extinct


According to biology, there are many species of humans in the Homo lineage, including us Homo sapiens. But only one species of Homo remains today. Many species associated with humans have become extinct. However, scientists have been searching for the answer to the question of why and how this happened for many years. But a recent study found the answer to this question.

According to the new study, the rapid change in temperature due to climate change played an important role in the extinction of all these species. Research says that many species of humans could not keep pace with these changes and went extinct due to their failure. The team doing the study also included fossils of extinct species in their research, assessing the conditions of climate change.

This research, published in the journal One Earth, states that the invention of fire and stone weapons led to the formation of a large social network. Apart from this, the use of clothes and genetic exchange could not protect many Homo sapiens. These species associated with humans, despite technological development and revolutionary inventions, could not harmonize with the changing climate.

Research has revealed that Homo sapiens, in which H. Erectus, H. hedilburgenesis, and H. neanderthalensis, lost a significant number of their habitat just before extinction due to climate change. This is a period when a lot of unwanted changes were taking place in the global climate. At the same time, Neanderthal had to compete for resources from Homo sapiens, which further compounded their difficulties.

Researchers also said that these results are a very dangerous signal for today's humans. If the human species can become extinct due to earlier climate change, it is still possible today. It is a matter of concern that due to human activities, there is a possibility of dangerous climate change.