Shardiya Navratri 2020: To keep the immune system strong, eat these 4 things during Navratri fast


The holy festival of Navratri has started on October 17, Saturday. Sharadiya Navaratri will be celebrated across the country till October 25, Sunday. The nine forms of mother are worshiped during Navratri and fasts are also performed to obtain the grace of the mother. It is also important to take care of health during Navratri fast. The risk of coronavirus has not decreased yet. To stay safe from the coronavirus, it is very important to keep the immune system strong. Today, through this article, we will tell you which things to consume during Navratri fast strengthens the immune system. These things can be consumed during the fast.

Eat green vegetables and fruits

Satvik food should be eaten during Navratri fast. You should eat green vegetables and fruits during Navratri fast. Eating green vegetables and fruits is very beneficial for health. Eating green vegetables and fruits strengthens the immune system. You can include citrus fruits in the diet. A lot of vitamin C is found in citrus fruits which helps in maintaining the immune system strong.

Dry Fruits

Consuming dry fruits is very beneficial for health. Consuming dry fruits during Navratri fasting is beneficial for health. Consuming dry fruits strengthens the immune system. Be sure to include dry fruits in the diet during Navratri fast.

A cup of roasted Makhana without milk and salt

During the fast, definitely include a cup of milk and roasted Makhane without salt. Consuming it strengthens the immune system and keeps hunger under control. Milk and Makhane are very beneficial for health.


Take milkshake during Navratri fast. Make a milkshake by mixing a banana or apple in a cup of milk. Milkshake is very beneficial for the body. Consuming milkshake strengthens the immune system.