Shame! Pineapple with a cracker fed to a pregnant elephant, died standing in the water


Humanity seems to be ending in this world because a case has come out of Kerala which has raised questions on humanity, how can anyone be so cruel. This news makes us think about why mankind is becoming so cruel. It is the case of Kerala where a pregnant elephant died of painful death due to eating pineapple filled with firecrackers.

What was the matter?

According to the news, this case is from North Kerala, where a forest officer heard the news of Hathini's death on social media. It is being told that Hathini went to a village outside the forest in search of food, in the meantime, some people fed her a pineapple full of firecrackers. People are criticizing this incident a lot.

The elephant got cheated for trusting

According to the forest officer, Hathini trusted the people and ate the pineapple given to them, but when the pineapple cracked in her mouth, she was stunned and during this time she would only be thinking about her baby which she did for 18 to 20 months Put in your womb !!

The elephant was badly injured

The elephant had put so many firecrackers in the pineapple that his tongue and mouth were badly injured. Some of its pictures also went viral on social media, in which Hathini is standing in the river water to give relief to her pain. According to the forest officer, an attempt was also made to take out the elephant but she did not come out and died standing there.