Shahrukh Khan has taught daughter Suhana Khan about boys, this will work for you too


Everyone knows that Shahrukh Khan loves his daughter Suhana Khan very much. The father and daughter may have a relationship between the two, but both are like friends. This is the reason that the two are able to openly discuss a topic, which gives Shah Rukh an opportunity to teach his daughter many things related to life.

Shahrukh Khan has taught daughter Suhana Khan about boys, this thing will come to you, Kama Shahrukh Khan is very protective of his daughter Suhana Khan. He also loves them a lot. So when he sent Suhana out and his dating age came, Shah Rukh did not take time to teach Suhana some important things related to boys and life. These are things that perhaps every daughter should be taught so that she can become an independent person while protecting her self-esteem.

Maintaining communication

Shahrukh Khan treats his three children as friends. He talks with her on many issues and knows her opinion. In the same way, he has also taught children to speak their words openly. Even when Suhana is doing her studies abroad, this actor maintains a connection with them through calls.

He even gives a surprise visit to his daughter, which must have made Suhana happy away from home. This gives Shah Rukh a chance to learn about Suhana's life and the people associated with it so that he can guide her right.

Respecting personal space

No matter how much Shahrukh Khan loves his daughter, he also treats her with respect. The actor himself told in an interview that he must knock before going to Suhana's room because she is a girl. This step of Shahrukh is a big lesson for all. In fact, if the daughter is taught about respecting her personal space at home, she will be able to handle the situation when another person tries to cross it when going out.

Explain the importance of self-respect

King Khan and Gauri Khan have taught Suhana to respect her and never compromise with self-respect. Every parent must teach their children how to protect their honor. This helps them understand their identity and importance as individuals.

This learning is especially useful when the daughter goes out to study or work. Usually, some people are found in such places, who try to hurt pride, in such a situation, they should know how to protect their self-respect according to the situation.

Suhana Khan wore mother Gauri's 13-year-old dress at a party with friends,

Do not stress your desires

Shah Rukh Khan lets Suhana live as he wishes. Whether it is about clothes or studies or career, he never interferes in these matters. Yes, it is definitely that as a father he guides the daughter enough, so that she stays on the right track. When children are allowed to choose the right things, instead of guiding them, they become more confident, independent, and successful.

This lesson was given about boys

Shahrukh Khan gave the example of his own famous characters 'Rahul' and 'Raj' to teach about boys. He taught the daughter that if someone tries to get closer like these film characters, then he should either make a distance or delay the kicking. It is a matter of how much society has changed, but girls are still hunted. In such a situation, it is necessary to explain the difference between good and bad boys.