Shahnaz Hussain pedicure Tips:- Footcare and pedicure tips by Shahnaz Hussain


Here we are telling some tips of Shahnaz Hussain to take care of feet in the monsoon. With the help of these tips, your feet can be made beautiful in the monsoon.

The monsoon season may seem pleasant, but once it rains, it becomes humid, due to which sweating starts. In such a situation, the germs stick in the feet, due to which the smell starts. These germs and bad smells do not go well even by washing feet daily, for this special care of feet is necessary. If your feet have lost their luster and the smell persists, apply talcum powder after bathing. Apart from this, wear slippers and such sandals which are open.

Due to this, the feet will get air and they will be germ-free, although wearing open footwear is comfortable, but dirt sticks easily. So take care of your hygiene. In hot and humid weather, there is a fear of fungal infection due to the sticking of germs on the feet. In such a situation, if there is any kind of skin problem on your feet, and there is constant itching around the toes, then contact the doctor immediately. Anti-fungal medications are considered effective in dealing with the early stages of fungal infections. Apart from this, there are many such measures, with the help of which you can take special care of your feet.

Avoid fungal infection

  • In the rainy season, we take special care of the skin, but it is important to take special care of the feet too. Protect your feet from dryness and moisture as much as possible during this season. For this, you can use talcum powder. Apply it on the feet after bath.
  • Apple cider vinegar also helps get rid of fungal infections. For this, you mix a cup of vinegar with water; now apply this mixture to the affected area with the help of cotton. After applying this mixture, leave it for half an hour and after drying wipe it with a clean towel.
  • Tea tree oil can also be used to get relief from fungal infections. For this, take aloe vera gel and olive oil in equal quantity and mix tea tree oil in it. Now apply this mixture to the affected area.

Do foot pedicure like this at home

Doing a pedicure once a week reduces the risk of fungal infections of the feet. Always keep your feet and nails clean especially in hot and humid weather. Let us tell you that it is quite easy to do a pedicure at home, let us know-

  • After removing the nail polish, fill 1/4 of a bucket with warm water and mix 10 drops of salt and lemon in it. You can also mix orange essential oil instead of lemon juice. If your feet sweat more, then mix a few drops of tea tree oil in the water. This will get rid of the germs present in the feet and the smell will go away. Now after mixing all these ingredients, let your feet soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After that clean your nails with the help of a brush. However, the brush should not be too hard. Clean your ankles and soles thoroughly with the help of a pumice stone. If you want, you can use a loofah or rough towel to scrub the entire foot. Scrubbing will easily remove the germs present in the feet.
  • After scrubbing, wash your feet with clean water and then dry with the help of a towel. If your nails need to be cut, then cut them with the help of a nail cutter. Cut the toenails completely. Do not round the toenails to prevent growing nails. Also, don't cut the cuticles of your toenails. Apply cream on them and spread it around with a cotton bud.
  • At the same time, after applying the cream on the feet and nails, massage it well for some time. Apply it on the cuticles of your feet as well. Do not use any sharp-edged instrument to clean the nails. And use upward strokes to massage from the toes to the ankles. After this wipe the feet with a wet towel and then use talcum powder.
  • Lastly, if you want to apply nail polish, then keep cotton between the fingers. After the first coat dries, apply a second coat.

Home remedies to take care of feet in monsoon

  • You can use lotion to take care of feet in the monsoon. For this, use 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of pure glycerin in 3 teaspoons of rose water. Now apply this mixture on your feet and leave it for half or 1 hour.
  • Apart from this, leave it to soak in the water for some time to take care of the feet. The rose water, lemon juice, and perfume will realize soak, this coolness. By doing this the dirt on the feet will go away and the smell will not come.
  • Massage your feet from time to time. For this, take 100ml olive oil and mix 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in it. With this, mix 2 drops of rosemary oil and 3 khus or rose oil. Now mix all these things well and keep them in an airtight glass jar. Now it can be used little by little for foot massage. Apart from cooling the feet, it will protect the skin.

You can try these tips to make your feet beautiful and soft in the monsoon.