Shahnaz Husain Skincare Tips: These popular home remedies do not work, do not waste your time


Most people think that to enhance the beauty of the face, we should keep cleaning it continuously because a lot of problems will come due to the accumulation of dirt. This is also true to some extent, but they say that half-truths are very dangerous, just the same thing here. Facial cleansing is essential, but it will only work if you do it in the right way.

We believe in many home remedies and beauty tips regarding facial cleansing, but do you know that many of these are not right and they can also cause problems for you. We spoke to beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain to know about these tips for cleaning the face.

Shehnaaz told us that sometimes cleaning the face incorrectly and following a nighttime DIY skincare routine also leads to problems and can increase the problem of blackheads, acne, etc. He told us about the popular myths and also told us what not to do.

Myth: Washing your face with soap and water is a good cleansing method



No, it is not like that at all. You can consider this as the most popular method, but it is not able to remove the particles of makeup, soil, and pollution. Also, if you use alkaline soap, the pH balance of the skin can be disturbed. You should follow these steps for skin cleansing-

  • cleaning with a natural cleanser
  • skin exfoliation
  • toning
  • Moisturization

Myth: People with oily skin should wash their face frequently with soap and water


The skin should not be cleaned more than twice a day with soap and water. Soap makes the face very alkaline and disturbs the natural balance of the skin. This is the reason that even after cleaning oily skin repeatedly, acne and pimples start coming in it.

Myth: It's OK to leave the cream on all night


It would not be wrong if it is considered as one of the biggest myths of night skincare routine. The skin can absorb nutrition up to a limit and cannot do more than that. If you cover the skin completely with the cream, then the skin will not be able to breathe and there will be more acne. If your skin is very dry, then apply a mild moisturizer (liquid is better and a gel moisturizer for oily skin). Just nothing more than this is necessary for the skin.

Even if you are applying the cream, then clean it after a while so that the skin can breathe properly and remain clean.

There is also a very popular home recipe that says that applying ghee to the skin at night keeps the skin always moisturized, but this is also wrong. The freer you keep the skin at night, the better it will be able to settle.

Myth: Applying cream around the eyes at night will prevent wrinkles


The area around the eyes is very delicate and thin. If you keep applying normal cream on it, then it will work to do more damage to that area. It would be better to apply a special under-eye cream to the area around the eyes than to try DIY tips. After applying it, keep it for 10-15 minutes, and after that clean the face. It would also never be right to keep it overnight.

All these beauty facts can prove to be very important for you. You can follow all these tips to make your skin better.