Seeing Sonam Kapoor's dress, the troller compared it to 'Cassata Ice Cream'


Sonam Kapoor's style sense is amazing. Talk about carrying a new look or following some new fashion. Every time she is seen with such confidence that fashion experts are unable to live without being praised. But many times she is also on the target of troller in the direction of becoming different and more stylish and people make fun of them. This is what happened when Sonam reached an award show in a completely different style.

Sonam Kapoor arrived at the Hall of Fame Awards in the year 2019. At the same time, more famous actresses from Bollywood to Katrina Kaif attended this award. But Sonam's dress had become a problem for her.

Actually, Sonam Kapoor wore a very heavy gown for this show. Her crew members were also disturbed in handling this gown, which is a combination of bubblegum pink and neon green color. By the way, Sonam's dress was adding extra glam to the noodle stripe look with a deep plumbing neckline. At the same time, this gown was designed by a Greek fashion designer for special Sonam Kapoor.

However, Sonam's pink and neon green color combination was not special. At the same time, this dress was no less than a disaster for the crew member with Sonam. Everyone was sweating in handling such a heavy dress. On the other hand, those who saw Sonam's dress did not like it at all. And it became a joke on social media.

By the way, this dress was perfect in every way. But its color combination came under the troller's target. Because fashionistas like Sonam expected better fashion sense. Some people started comparing this dress to cashew-pistachios, some called it cassata ice cream.