Seeing Madhuri Dixit's clothes, sometimes remembering the fruit chaat, sometimes Pineapple


Actress Madhuri Dixit wears fabulous clothes in personal life, but what she will wear in the film, she mostly disguises herself from producer to designer. These looks are sometimes very stylish and sometimes become very funny.

Perhaps we will all agree that in the earlier days in Bollywood, too many weird experiments were done regarding costumes. In the name of fashion, many such clothes were seen in the film, which seemed less classy and more fun. One such dress was also from Madhuri Dixit, who sometimes remembers the fruit licking and the pineapple.

In the 1996 film Rajkumar, the hit couple Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit were cast. According to the story, different costumes were also prepared for scenes. One of these outfits was such that you will still laugh even today.

Madhuri was dressed in a yellow color gown for a scene. This satin gown had a straight cut and fabric was attached to the cape over the shoulder. A double stitch could be seen in the front instead of the side in the dress. At the same time, the actress was also wearing matching gloves in the hands.

The most audacious thing about this look was the work done on the gown. In the name of improving the look, 10 big red flowers made of fabric in the front were stitched in the shape of the garland on Madhuri's outfit. The green thread was also designed with leaves in the middle and around the flowers.

With this look, Madhuri was dressed in a fake stone necklace, bracelets and matching earrings as well as a crown. From the dress to the work done on it and the whole look did not look good from any angle. It is a different matter that Madhuri was seen carrying a natural look in the film due to her natural beauty.