Scuba Diving: These places in India are famous for scuba diving, plan a trip according to the season


If you like to see creatures and colorful fish inside the sea, then nothing can be better for you than scuba diving.

To make the trip spectacular, we often look for places that are full of adventure. From river rafting to scuba diving, this is people's first choice. On the other hand, if you like to spend time underwater, then scuba diving is the best option for you. Seeing the creatures and colorful fish living inside the sea is nothing short of a dream. Many places in India are considered best for scuba diving.

If you want to plan some memorable trip in your life, then do scuba diving once. Under this, you will not only be able to explore new things but will also learn something new. As soon as the summer starts, people plan a trip to a hill station, while there are many beautiful beaches in India where scuba diving can be done. Let's know about these fantastic places where you can plan a trip for scuba diving.


Scuba diving is done in Lakshadweep in a very exciting way. During this time, it will be fascinating to see turtles, colorful fish, and other sea creatures under the blue sea. There are many scuba plants like Princess Royal, Lost Paradise, Dolphin Reef. By the way, tourists come here a lot from May to October, but if you want, you can also go here in April. Apart from scuba diving, there are many tourist places in Lakshadweep that you can explore. Fees are charged here for half an hour of scuba diving which is pocket-friendly. At the same time, you can increase the time according to your budget.

Netrani Island

Netrani island is known as Peijn Island. Located in Murudeshwar, 10 km from Karnataka. It is an island popular scuba spot in Heart Shape, which is rich in fish and other sea creatures. If you want to see torches like sharks or whales, then they can also be seen here. From April to September, tourists like to come here for scuba diving. At the same time, Netrani Adventures is a registered PADI resort, which you can roam on a pocket-friendly budget.


Tarkarli, located near the Sindhudurg Fort in Maharashtra, is the perfect destination for scuba diving. By looking at the clear water of Tarkarli, you can guess the variety of sea creatures can be easily seen here. For scuba diving, people are taken to a diving spot from Dandi Beach by speed boat. If you are scuba diving for the first time, then you will also have a trainer who will guide you from time to time.


Kerala is one of the beautiful states of India. You can enjoy it here from the boathouse to scuba diving. This shallow beach connected to three beaches is famous for its unique beauty. At the same time, this place is considered to be the best for scuba diving. Here a very exciting way to reach the middle is adopted. Yes, underwater scooters are used to go to Scuba Point, leading to Kovalam Beach. Not only this, it is the most unique spot for scuba diving. From March to September, you can plan a trip here anytime. (Do visit these places once in North Goa)

Cinque Island

There are many islands in Andaman, but if you want to go scuba diving then do not forget to go to Cinque Island. You will be lost in the beauty here by looking at the cleanest water in the world. Not only this, you can explore deep water up to 80 feet here, which is why it is considered one of the best places for scuba diving. Here, you can easily see the sea creatures in the house. Tourists come and go from April to December.

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