Scientists warn in the study : Prevent children from using mobile-computer excessively or else they will become victims of this problem


Corona infection has directly or indirectly affected the health of people in many ways. We all have read a lot about the direct effects of corona such as lung-heart problems and mental diseases, here we are going to talk about the indirect effect of the corona. The lockdown caused by Corona forced people to remain locked in their homes. Be it school studies or office work, everything went online during the Corona period. So people's screen time has increased more than before. In simple words, screen time refers to the amount of time a person spends on screened devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and televisions. According to health experts, increased screen time can cause many types of serious diseases.

In a recent study, scientists told that increased screen time is giving rise to many problems. This can lead to serious obesity problems, especially in young children. Obesity is considered to be the main factor in many serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Increased risk of obesity in children

Scientists have told in a recent study that children in the age group of 5-10 years, whose screen time has increased significantly these days, are more likely to gain weight after a year. The study found that each additional hour spent on all types of screens may be responsible for increasing the higher body mass index (BMI). Therefore, parents need to pay special attention to their children.

The problem of obesity can give rise to serious diseases

In the conclusion of the study published in the journal 'Pediatric Obesity', scientists have told that if this thing is not taken seriously then this problem of obesity can cause serious diseases in the future for children. The figure for children who were overweight or obese at the start of the study, which was 33.7 percent, has increased to 35.5 percent a year later. This type of problem is also seen more in children of the early age group of adulthood.

What is the relationship of increased screen time to obesity?

Jason Nagata, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, and lead author of the study, says, 'Increased screen time naturally reduces physical activity. Apart from this, there is a desire to eat something while watching something on mobile TV, due to which you become a victim of overeating. In such a situation, the already lack of physical activity and the habit of eating something from above becomes the cause of obesity. However, experts say that this study emphasizes the need for more research on how screen time can affect the future of youth.

Pay special attention to parents

Professor Nagata says the study was done before the COVID-19 pandemic, but its findings are particularly relevant to the pandemic. Sports and other physical activities outside the home have reduced significantly during this period, especially among children, on top of this increased screen time and anxiety can be a factor. In critical times like Corona, going online for many activities is beneficial in many cases but parents also need to be aware of the risks of using it excessively. Screen time management becomes very important for children as well as other family members.

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