Sawan 2021: What Mahadev likes and dislikes, know these things before worshiping in Sawan


The month of Sawan is dedicated to Mahadev and Parvati. Devotees throng the temples since morning to worship Shiva. People worship Lord Shiva to fulfill their wishes and also offer various things like Bel leaves etc. to him. But before this, you should know about the likes and dislikes of Mahadev.

1. Milk is very dear to Lord Shiva, so Lord Shiva is consecrated with milk. That's why you should also anoint them with milk.

2. The flowers of red and white figures are very dear to Mahadev. It is also called the Aak flower. They are very pleased with this. The doors of salvation are opened by using this flower in Shiva worship.

3. Datura, sandalwood, belpatra, saffron, perfume, akshat, sugar, curd, ghee, honey, Ganges water, sugarcane juice, etc. can be offered to Shiva.

Do not offer these things

– Ketki and Kevada flowers should never be offered to Mahadev.

Conch is considered forbidden in the worship of Mahadev.

Tulsi should never be offered to Lord Shiva.

Shiv Ji should always apply sandalwood. Do not use Roli or Kumkum in their worship.