Saroj Khan alone raised the responsibility of 3 children, is it so easy to become a single mother?


Bollywood's famous choreographer Saroj Khan died of a heart attack on Thursday. Saroj Khan single-handedly raised her three children. But have you ever noticed the challenges faced by your single mother?

Bollywood's famous choreographer Saroj Khan said goodbye to this world at the age of 71. For the last few days, he was suffering from difficulty in breathing due to which he was admitted to the hospital but died of a heart attack on Thursday night. But do you know that Saroj, surrounded by big movie stars, was very lonely in her personal life? Married at the age of 13 and then three children, where neither the husband was there nor any support.

Yes, Saroj Khan may have done the work of taking steps from Madhuri Dixit to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but her personal life has always been full of turmoil. He has taken care of his three children Hamid, Hina, and Sukaina Khan on their own. But have you ever noticed how difficult it becomes for a single woman to take responsibility for the whole house like a man without any complaints

There is no doubt in this that most patriarchal thinking is dominated in our society. In such a situation, anxiety becomes more stressful and challenging when single mothers alone have to handle the rest of the household responsibilities apart from their everyday lives. Today, no matter how much our society is progressing, but the road to single mothers is still not easy.

From the upbringing of the children to the cost of their marriage and marriage, as well as all the things around the world, the single mother has to face a lot of difficulties in this journey. But if she wants to work with courage, she can overcome these situations by laughing.

* Single mothers should take full care that now you are the support of your children alone. Whatever the situation, you have to support your children. We believe that you are bothered to worry about a better future of your home and then your children, but keep in mind that your children have no one except you.

* Remember that you are both the mother and father for the child at this time. In such a situation, make your child emotional contact so that he can feel free to share his heart with you