Sarah earns more than his husband Sachin Pilot! Click here to know her wealth


Sachin Pilot, the young face of the Congress and the deputy CM of Rajasthan, is in the news. According to sources, the real quarrel in Rajasthan is about the post of president, it is believed that Ashok Gehlot wants to remove Sachin Palayat from the post of state president so that he can give the command of the party to a favorite, between Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and CM Gehlot. The war continues.

But meanwhile, his wife is in the news. Everyone knows about the love story of both of them, but what work they do, perhaps very few people would know. Not only this, hardly people know that Sara's earnings are more than Sachin Pilot. Yes, affidavit filed at the time of nomination is evidence of this.

Before the assembly elections, Sachin had declared his assets in the affidavit given by Pilot. Which was said to be 5 crores. According to this affidavit, Sachin earns much less than wife Sara. His own income where Rs 10 lakh is mentioned. At the same time, the entire pilot earns more than Rs 19 lakh annually from social work.