Salman Khan did this work when he saw blood coming out of the finger of PM Modi!


PM Modi has a lot of fans not only in India but around the world. In the list of PM Modi's fans, not only common people but also Bollywood stars are mentioned; Salman Khan is one of whom. Salman Khan has great faith in PM Modi and also follows him.

Salman Khan loves the style of working of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Therefore, Salman has met PM Modi many times. Not only this, even when demonetisation took place, Salman supported PM Modi.

Salman Khan and PM Modi One photo was the topic of discussion on social media in 2017. This photo Salman Khan also flew a lot of kites with Narendra Modi during the kite competition held in Gujarat.

PM Modi's hand was cut while flying a kite and his finger was bleeding. Salman himself put a bandage on his hand.