Safe Holi 2021: Keep special attention on these things for the safety of children during the covid19 on Holi


You should also take care of these special things for the safety of children in the Corona period at the festival of Holi.

There are very few days left for the festival of Holi. Holi is a major Indian festival of color and fun. On this day, people of all ages are busy playing colors and having fun. But, at every age, most children enjoy Holi very much. But in the festival of colors, where one side is busy playing all the colors, the other side forgets to take care of the children. It is very important to take care of children, especially in the Corona period.

If you also do not want any problem between colors to arise in the Corona era, then you also need to take some care towards children. May the moment of this happiness do not include a moment of unhappiness. So during this corona period, be sure to take care of the children amid Holi. Today we are going to tell you some tips, which you can adopt and take care of children amid Holi.

Prevent from knowing outside the house

In the Corona period, if you want the children as well as other members of the house to be well, then you must stop the children from knowing them outside the house a few days before Holi. Because kids' spuds can get you in trouble anytime. On the day of Holi, many people are present outside the house, who do not know that they come and play to play the colors, in such a situation, if a corona patient goes out, then they will have to take it again.

Avoid getting wet

However, almost all parents agree to the stubbornness of children. In such a situation, if the child insists and goes outside the house, then you must be with him. When the child is playing Holi outside, make sure that he is not soaked in water. The throat of the body means equal to feasting on the disease. In such a situation, you can speak to children not only with water but also to play Holi with Gulal. During the time of Holi, the weather changes, so there is more fear of getting sick.

Must keep a safety kit

On the day of Holi, keep a safety kit for the children with all of you at home. Keep hand sanitizer, face mask, etc. in the house along with some essential medicines. Do use it when needed. Fever, cold-cough, etc. must also be kept at home. To keep the child safe during the corona period, you should apply any cream on the skin and face beforehand and also wear full clothes.

Take balloon support

With a lot of color in the balloons, children feel very much like throwing them from one house to another and coming from other houses on the road. In such a situation, bring them to play on the roof of the house and give it in advance. This will not leave the children out in the house and will remain safe during the corona period. Along with this, as much as possible with chemical color or color, children should be prevented from playing Holi. It also depends a lot on health.

Keeping the tips in mind, you can keep the children safe on the day of Holi. Yes, among all this, the family is definitely in touch with the doctor so that the doctor can be called in a hurry. If you liked this article, then do share it, and stay connected with your website Newscrab to read other similar articles.

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