Rochak news: You will be surprised to know these secrets related to Draupadi, definitely know once


One of the greatest epics of Hinduism is the Mahabharata. Many characters are described in the Mahabharata. The strongest character among them was Draupadi. Draupadi is described as a proud, courageous, and fearless woman who was the wife of 5 Pandavas.

It was believed that Draupadi was born of fire. She was born from the Agni Kund of King Drupada, hence her name was Draupadi. Draupadi was a woman who did not believe in crying during difficult times but faced them with full tenacity.

Draupadi's virginity

Draupadi was blessed to be a virgin. She had 5 husbands and regained her virginity the next day after spending time with one of her husbands.

Draupadi's curse to dogs

The Pandavas had made a special rule to spend time with Draupadi. For this, when he was with Draupadi, he used to put his slippers outside the room, so that the other would know that Draupadi is with someone at this time. However, one day, a dog carrying Yudhishthira's sandal escaped and Arjun entered Draupadi's chamber. Draupadi was very ashamed of this and cursed the dogs that you will always mate in the open and will see you all.

Draupadi did not trust her husbands

During Draupadi's rip-off, she begged and shouted in court for help but the same Pandava did not help her and later Shri Krishna came forward to save her. Therefore she did not believe in any Pandavas.

Lord Krishna was Draupadi's friend

Draupadi constantly considered Lord Krishna as her Sakha (companion). Shri Krishna used to support Draupadi at every turn. Lord Krishna was the only real companion who always helped her him in desperate situations.