Rochak News: The mysterious village of India, where people talk in a strange language


Our country has contained many such secrets within itself, which only a few people know about. Many places in India people around the world are shocked to know about. Some similar place is also in Himachal Pradesh. A village here is very mysterious in itself. The people of this village speak in a language that is not understood by anyone but the people here.

The name of this village is Malana. Situated amidst the peaks of the Himalayas, Malana village is surrounded by deep trenches and icy mountains. With a population of about 1700 people, this village is very popular among tourists. People from all over the world come here to roam.

However, it is very difficult to reach Malana. There is no road to this village. It can be reached only through hilly trails. There is a direct climb from the village of Zari situated at the foothills of Parvati valley. It takes about four hours to reach Malana from Zari.

There are many historical tales, mysteries and many unresolved questions associated with this village, one of which is that people here call themselves descendants of Alexander the Great, the famous king of Greece. It is said that when Alexander attacked Hindustan, some of his soldiers took shelter in the village of Malana and then they remained there. The residents here are called descendants of the same soldiers of Alexander. However, it is not yet fully proven. Many things of Alexander's time have been found in Malana village. It is said that a sword from the era of Alexander is also kept in the temple of this village.

People here speak a language called Kanashi, which is very mysterious. They consider it a holy tongue. Its special thing is that this language is not spoken anywhere else in the world except Malana. This language is not taught to outsiders. Researches are being done in many countries.

The elders of Malana also avoid shaking hands with outsiders and touching them. If you buy some goods from the shop here, then the shopkeeper will keep it on the table instead of giving it in your hand and also asks to keep money on the table instead of taking it from your hand. However, the new generation here does not accept all these things. They have no refrain from talking, shaking hands or hugging an outsider.

You will be surprised to know that the people of this village also do weddings within their village. If someone marries outside the village, he is evicted from the society. However, such a case is rarely heard.

The Hashish (Charas) here is also very famous. Charas is an intoxicating substance prepared from the cannabis plant. Its biggest feature is that the people of Malana prepare it by rubbing it with hands and then sell it to outsiders. However, it has also affected the children of the village.

Children here go into the business of selling drugs at a very young age. This is the reason that outsiders are allowed in Malana only during the day, as all the guesthouses here are closed at night. People here believe that Jamlu Devta has given such an order.