Republic Day 2021: PM Modi wore a saffron-colored turban, know its specialty


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worn a special saffron-colored turban this time, keeping his tradition of tying safes on Republic Day and Independence Day. Wearing a traditional kurta pajama and a jacket shawl over his shoulder on the 72nd Republic Day, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute to the martyred soldiers at the National War Memorial. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worn a special turban in Jamnagar, Gujarat for the 72nd Republic Day celebrations.

According to the news agency ANI, such a turban was gifted to him by the royal family of Jamnagar. Modi is seen wearing a different turban on Republic Day every year. Last year, he wore 'Bandhani', which is up to the waist. The saffron-colored turban also contained a yellow color. Since 2015, Modi has been seen wearing special types of turbans every year on Republic Day.

Photos of the turban worn on the Prime Minister's Republic Day

26, January 2020 i.e. 71st Republic Day, Prime Minister Modi chose 'Bandhani'. One end of the saffron-colored turban was going up to the waist.

On Republic Day in 2017, PM Modi chose pink for the turban. It had a border and also had an impression of silver color. Modi was wearing a black sleeveless jacket with white dots.