Republic Day 2021: Meet the scientists who invented covaxin, these people of Bharat Biotech have an important role


There was a time when it used to take many years to take any medicine or vaccine, but now the time has changed and science has made great progress. It can also be understood that scientists of our country have prepared not one but two corona vaccines within a year and even before Republic Day, the country's frontline workers have started getting vaccinated. But do you know the expert team of Bharat Biotech who developed this corona vaccine? Probably not, so let's tell you about them, knowing that you will feel proud of the science and scientists of our country.

Actually, behind the vaccine created by Bharat Biotech Company, two of the best scientists in the country, Dr. Sumati, and Dr. Krishna Ella have been in the role. Bharat Biotech was founded by Krishna Ella. How much science has progressed, both of them have told the world very well and named India in the world. Doctor Ella was born into a Tamil peasant family. His company has developed vaccines like Bharat Biotech, Zika, Rabies, H1N1, Chikungunya, Rotavirus, and Japanese Encephalitis. Dr. Ella has received more than a hundred national and international awards.

Dr. Ella studied at the University of Wisconsin Medicine and the University of Hawaii, Manoa. At the same time, he has also worked at the Medical University of South California. He started his company in the year 1996 and today there are thousands of people working in this company at present, and not only in India but also to prepare vaccines to save people of the world and to overcome various diseases Huh. The vaccine made by Dr. Ella's company Bharat Biotech is being appreciated all over the world, which is a matter of great pride for India, its scientists, and science.

Now let's talk about Doctor Sumati, who contributed to making covaxine. She was a major part of the core team making this vaccine. Before this, Dr. Sumati had been an important part of the team making vaccines for the chikungunya and zika virus. He holds a Ph.D. in Life Sciences from JNU and a Commonwealth Scholarship from University College, London, and IISC Bangalore. Every Indian and vaccine person is proud of Doctor Sumati.

Apart from Doctor Ella and Doctor Sumati, Ella's son Doctor Rechas has also played an important role in making this vaccine. Rechas has also written a research paper on the safety and resistance of covaxine. In July 2020, the trial of cocaine was approved, after which the last trial of this vaccine was done on about 25 thousand people in the country. After this, this vaccine was approved and today it is being planted.