Republic Day 2021: Many special rules related to Tricolor, which you need to know


India will celebrate its 72nd Republic Day on 26 January 2021. The Constitution of India came into force on this day in the year 1950. The tricolor is hoisted at many places on the occasion of Republic Day. There are certain rules for hoisting the National Flag of India on Aan Baan and Shan, which have been laid down by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Many people will be unaware that there are some rules for hoisting the national flag, which must be followed.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has outlined the Flag Code of India, which contains some guidelines regarding the use of the national flag. All the rules, formalities, and instructions for hoisting the tricolor have been integrated together in 'Indian Flag Code - 2002'. It is the duty of all of us to follow the code of conduct issued for the national flag. Before taking the tricolor in your hand you should also know how to keep its value. You should also know these rules, otherwise, you will not have to go to jail ...

The national flag tricolor can be used to wrap the dead bodies of state personnel, central personnel, police, army, and paramilitary forces. You cannot use the tricolor for decoration. Also, it cannot be used any other way.

The tricolor cannot be used to cover a train, train, and boat. The tricolor cannot be used for any curtain or any other work in the house. Writing or printing anything above the national flag tricolor is prohibited. It cannot be used in any kind of advertisement. You cannot use the tricolor as a cover in your copy, book, or anything.

During the process of hoisting the tricolor, everyone present there will have to stand in a careful position by facing the tricolor. Those who are in uniform will have to salute the tricolor. The tricolor should never touch the ground. It is strictly forbidden to write anything on the tricolor.

The tricolor should not be insulted under any circumstances. No part of the tricolor should be torn. No other flag or flag should be placed above or above the national flag ie the tricolor. Nor should a flower, garland, emblem, or any other object be placed on its flag. Where the tricolor is hoisted in the open, it should be hoisted from sunrise to sunset, regardless of the weather.