Remove tea stains from clothes, furniture, cups in this way


Getting hot tea in the winter is like getting Jannat. Drinking it gives relief in the winter, as well as pleasure. But sometimes we are busy doing something or are so busy talking about when the tea falls. We do not know. Tea stains are one of the stubborn stains. They spoil the clothes very quickly and do not even get out for a long time, at times it does not even come out from the crockery but it is not impossible to remove them. Know from the next slides what things can be used to remove tea stains easily.

Backing soda

Many times our beautiful cups of light color get tea stains, which do not come out even after cleaning them repeatedly. Instead of getting upset in this situation, you should use baking soda. You can easily remove the stubborn tea stains on the cup by using baking soda. Pour the cloth into the baking soda solution and clean the cup with it. The cup will start looking like a brand new one.


If the tea falls on rough cloth, it becomes very difficult to remove it. Often in winter we sit in a blanket and drink tea, which is almost impossible to remove. In such a situation, beer can help you. By using beer, tea stains can be removed easily on such clothes. Dip a cloth in the beer and rub it on the tea stain. The stain will disappear completely.

Liquid handwash

If the tea stains on the furniture, it can be easily removed with the help of liquid handwash. Mix one teaspoon liquid handwash and one teaspoon vinegar in two cups of warm water. Apply this mixture to the stain on the furniture with the help of a scrubber or cloth and keep it clean until the stain is gone. By doing this, the stain will soon disappear and the furniture will start looking like before.


Drinking tea for a long time in a single cup often creates a ring inside it, which is not able to be cleaned when cleaned with a normal dishwasher bar. In such a situation many times people have to bring new cups. But if you want to use the same cup, then use salt to erase these rings. Ring marks can be easily erased by adding salt and rubbing it with a cloth.