Remedy: Eating betel leaves relieves lung problems, cold and cough are also cured


Many people these days are consuming betel leaves to fight corona infection. Eating betel leaves is not that you will not have corona, but if you have any breathing problem, cold, fever, and lungs are weak then eating betel leaves is very beneficial for you, so after corona, if you have any problems related to breathing If you feel it, then you can take betel leaves after consulting a doctor. Betel leaves are also very beneficial in curing problems like cold, fever.

Breathing problem

In the case of chest tightness and lung problems, betel leaves should be consumed. By taking these, the body starts healing slowly. If you are not able to breathe properly, then boil cloves and cardamom with betel leaves in hot water, when this is reduced by half then consume this water. By doing this, inflammation in the lungs is also reduced. Drink it twice a day.


Analgesic properties are found in betel leaves. If you are coming from somewhere and you are having a lot of headaches, then you lie down for some time and keep the betel leaves wet on your forehead. This will give you relief soon. Apart from this, if you continue to have a headache problem, apply betel oil to the head.

Dry cough

A dry cough often causes a feeling of pain and swelling in the chest and inside the throat. In this case, extract the juice of betel leaf and mix it with a little honey and lick it in small amounts three to four times a day. By doing this, you will get relief very soon and pain, dry cough, and swelling will also be cured in two to three days.

Heart disease

The use of paan in heart disease in Ayurveda is also said to be extremely beneficial. Drinking betel syrup gives strength to the heart. Repeated heart disease does not occur, the chances of having a heart attack are also extremely low if you regularly consume betel leaf. Heart patients should eat only betel leaf instead of cooked betel leaf. Eating sweet paan can harm them.


For those whose stomach is not properly cleaned, betel leaf is no less than a panacea for such people. Eating betel leaves keeps the pH level of the stomach under control so that constipation is reduced. Eating a betel leaf on an empty stomach every day after waking up in the morning cleans the stomach properly.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Rajat Salunke, a doctor at Ashtavinayak Clinic. Doctor Rajat Salunke has been practicing for the last 13 years. He holds his degree from Karamveer Venkatrao Tanaji Randhir Ayurved College, Maharashtra.

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