Recipe: Rajasthani Malpuas are very tasty! Click here to know how to make


Malpuas are very much liked in Rajasthan. Today we are going to tell you the recipe for making Rajasthani Malpua. If we make them with our method, they will become very tasty.


Maida - 2 cups

Mawa - cup

Baking soda - tsp


powder - tsp Curd - 3 tbsp Chopped

nuts - cup


syrup for frying


First, prepare the syrup.

Add cardamom powder to the flour and mix.

At the same time, mix the mawa and curd well in a vessel. Add some soda to it as well.

After the solution is ready, heat the oil in a pan. Spread the batter in it in a round shape.

Now let it cook till it becomes golden.

After that put it in the syrup.

After that take them out in a plate. Now taste them after garnishing with dry fruits.