Recipe: Jalebi is very much liked in Rajasthan!


Jalebi is very much liked in Rajasthan. This is a very tasty sweet. People like to eat hot jalebi with tea in the morning for breakfast. Today we are going to tell you how to make Jalebi.


Maida - a bowl

Custard powder - two spoons

Saffron - a pinch

ghee - three spoons

baking powder - a quarter spoon

curd - two spoons

vinegar - half a spoonful

color - a quarter spoon

food color - two drops

pistachio shavings - one spoon

Chashni - a bowl


First, put all purpose flour in a mixing bowl.

Now prepare a thick mixture by adding custard powder, baking powder, curd, vinegar, jalebi color and water to it.

Now through a cloth, make jalebi of this mixture in oil.

Now soak it in sugar syrup.

After two minutes, put Jabeli in a plate and decorate it with pistachio shavings.

In this way your delicious jalebi is ready.