Recipe: If you make spinach in this way, you will lick your fingers!


Ingredients: three cups of chickpea, two spinach pudding, one-quarter cup of fresh cream, two tablespoon butter, salt as required, two onions, one slice ginger, three-four green chilies, one teaspoon ginger paste, one teaspoon chickpea spice, half Tbsp sugar, lemon juice, and green coriander.

Spices: One tablespoon whole coriander, one teaspoon cumin, three tablespoons cashew nuts, two pieces cinnamon, two cloves, and two cardamoms.

Method of preparation: Firstly fry the ingredients of the masala paste. This time, add all other ingredients and make a paste. Now heat the butter in the pan and let the paste cook for five minutes.

After this, mix the spinach puree and all other ingredients and let the mixture cook for ten minutes. After cooking, add cream and green coriander to it. In this way, your spinach chickpeas are prepared as a delicious vegetable.