Recipe: Enjoy samosas in the rainy season, in this way you can prepare them at home


Essential ingredients:

Mada- 1/2 kg

butter or oil


potatoes pound

Cumin- five grams

red chili-

green peas- 100 grams

pepper powder- five grams

green chili- ten grams




garam masala

cashew nuts

salt according to taste

Method of preparation:

First, boil the potatoes and peas.

Now add ghee or oil and carom seeds and some salt to the flour and knead it. Now let it rest for some time.

Heat oil in a pan and crackle cumin seeds in it. Now add ginger and green chilies to it.

After a while add potatoes to it. After that add all the rest of the ingredients and salt to it. In this way the potato mixture is ready.

Now roll the dough ball into a round shape. Now cut it from the middle and cut it into two halves. Now fill the potato mixture in it and give it the shape of a samosa.

After this, deep fry all the sauces in oil till they turn golden brown. In this way our delicious samosas are ready.