Rashmi Desai sharing pictures as a Disney princess, friends made such comments


Bigg Boss is about to start again. In such a situation, the contestants of last season are once again in the headlines. Rashmi Desai is also constantly stealing fans' hearts with her beautiful pictures on social media. Rashmi, who is always seen in a cute look, is seen in a glamorous look this time. She has now become a princess after appearing in sensi look one after the other in the past too.

Actually, a few days ago, Rashmi shared pictures of her own princess look on her Instagram. In which she is seen as Princess Moana. Rashmi Curley, dressed in orange color, is seen in a very innovative look with hair.

Rashmi is wearing a tiara of rose flowers on her hair with her curvy figure and posing in chunky jewelry. At the same time, seeing the look of his Moana Princess, his star friends are commenting.

Talk about makeup, glossy dewy makeup, and multicolor eyeshadow is enough to make them look special. The curly hair wig was making Rashmi cute.

Rashmi is sharing photos one by one on Instagram these days. In which she is sometimes glamorous and sometimes in a simple kurta. Which his fans are very much like.