Raj kundra Case : Tanveer Hashmi's confession in adult video case, said- we used to make films with nudity but....


In the pornography racket, 11 accused including Raj Kundra were arrested, one of whom was Tanveer Hashmi. Hashmi was questioned by the Mumbai Crime Branch on Sunday, which lasted for three hours. Till now all the people related to this matter have given statements, they were not making adult films but Tanveer Hashmi's statement can prove to be very important. Tanveer was working for Raj Kundra only. That thing is different that Raj has never spoken to him before. Earlier, four employees of Raj Kundra's company have become witnesses against him.

Tanveer said this

In this interrogation that lasted for three hours, Tanveer Hashmi said that he used to make short films with nudity, not pornography. Such films can be called soft porn. Earlier, from the lawyer to Shilpa and other accused, it has been said that they were not making adult films.

Raj Kundra not met

Tanveer Hashmi is currently on bail and was called to inquire about Raj Kundra. Where he was asked whether he had ever met Raj Kundra? To which he replied that he had never met Raj.

used to make nudity movies

Tanveer told that he used to create content for the Raj Kundra app but he has never been in direct contact with him. He told that he used to make short films of 20 to 25 minutes in which there was nudity but it can definitely be called soft porn without calling it porn.

Many platforms are creating bold content

On the content created by Kundra, Tanveer Hashmi says that the court will decide it. They cannot judge anyone. He has also said that there are many such platforms, which create bold content and no one even questions them about this subject.

The question of becoming a witness does not arise.

On the question of becoming a witness, Tanveer said that he has not committed any crime. The question of becoming a witness does not arise. The Mumbai Crime Branch asked questions regarding Raj Kundra and they have told what they knew.