Raj Kundra Bail : Important decision on the custody of Raj Kundra today, will problems increase or will bail?


These days Raj Kundra is getting badly caught in the charge of making pornographic films. New links are being added to the case every day. Recently, Raj Kundra was arrested for making a porn film. After which he was in police custody till 23 July. The police custody was extended till July 27. Today i.e. July 27 is an important day for Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra. His police custody is ending today. In such a situation, all eyes are on whether Raj will get bail or his custody will be extended once again.

In this whole case, the police have got many pieces of evidence so far and new revelations are being made every day. Recently it was revealed that as soon as the curtain started coming out of this business of Raj, he had changed his phone. Earlier, a secret cupboard was also found from his office, after which many revelations have been made. From this secret cupboard, the police have got information about the joint account of Raj and Shilpa, whose transaction link is being traced. The police suspect that money from porn films used to be deposited in this account.

In the pornography case, the Mumbai Police had registered a case on February 4 this year, after which the matter started gaining momentum. When the police raided a bungalow located in the Malad West area, the shooting of a porn film was going on there.

The police had then got important clues about Raj Kundra but before his arrest, the police wanted to collect solid evidence. So far a total of 11 people have been arrested in this case. Mumbai Police told that Raj Kundra is the main conspirator in this whole case.

Significantly, the case of porn racket is not limited only to Shilpa's husband Raj. It is believed that the Mumbai Police has got a big racket and many production houses are also involved in it. These production houses are said to be involved in content production for the now-deleted app Hotshots.

At the same time, Shilpa Shetty's involvement in the porn film case has not yet been directly revealed but she is constantly defending her husband Raj Kundra. If in the investigation of the common account of Raj and Shilpa, if the police find any link to the earnings of porn films, then actress Shilpa Shetty's problems may also increase.