Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is the contender for the post of Bihar CM, why she always wear 'black clothes'


The bugle for the Bihar elections is over and the dates have also been announced. In such a case, one candidate who is being discussed all around is Pushpam Priya Chaudhary. His popularity with being a contender for the post of the chief minister is due to his black outfit. In which she is always seen. Pushpam Priya, who kept black from clothes to shoes, also told about why she wears black clothes.

Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is the daughter of Janata Dal (United) leader and member of the Legislative Council, Vinod Chaudhary. About Pushpam Priya has been written on her party's website that she has got a master's degree in public administration from the famous London School of Economics.

Along with this, Pushpam is also in the limelight due to black clothes from his head to his feet. Pushpam, like ordinary politicians, always goes out in black and black jeans and black full-sleeved shirts for campaigning by not campaigning in saree or kurta pajama. Even the mask with his slippers and watch is always black in color. Pushpam has formed his own political party Plurals Party apart from his father. With which she is claiming development.

The symbol of Pushpam Priya's party is a white horse with wings attached to it. On the question of always wearing black clothes, Pushpam said why the rest of the leaders wear white clothes. There is no dress code in the constitution. In such a situation, one can wear a colorful dress as he wishes.

Pushpam, originally from Darbhanga district, has been seen doing a lot of touring in connection with the election. They are seeking public support by conducting public relations campaigns in the villages.