PUBG NEWS: PUBG Mobile will not work in India from today, the company revealed


PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite will stop working in India from October 30, i.e. today. The company said this in a post on Facebook on Thursday. It was also a game in which India banned 118 apps a month ago. The PUBG mobile app has been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India. The game was active on the phones of users who had previously installed it. The Indian government has blamed China for discontinuing the app, citing security concerns.

PUBG mobile developer PubG Corp said in a post on LinkedIn that the Battle Royal Stive Games are expected to return to India. This is a pity, "the Facebook post said. He also thanked PubG Mobile and PubG Mobile Lite fans in India for their support. The company said that the security of users' data had been a consistent priority, which was always applicable to data in India. Complies with security laws and regulations. The Privacy Policy states that the user's gameplay information is processed transparently.

The developer of Tencent PUBG Mobile has returned the rights to the craft game union company Pubji Corporation. In India, PUBG had 25 percent of users. The ban on Pubzi Mobile and Mobile Lite came at a time when the gaming platform was witnessing an increase in user base due to the epidemic. The ban was a tweak for fans of Indian sports and gamers, who make up 25 percent of PubG Mobile's userbase.

The market value of the Chinese tech company declined by ₹ 34 billion, or Rs 2,48,000, the next day after India banned these apps. PUBG Gaming App was the highest grosser in India. The game has about 30 million active users. India tops the list of the game's most active users.