Proper eating will prevent hair loss, expensive shampoos and home remedies will not be needed


Hair loss is a common problem for people nowadays. But this problem becomes a problem when new hair stops growing. Because new hair continues to grow in proportion to hair loss. Because of which the number of hairs on the head does not appear small. But if the hair on the head is getting shorter and new hair is not growing. So it is important to pay attention to your diet as well as all kinds of prescriptions. Because hair loss continues continuously due to a lack of proper nutrition in the body. Vitamin E, zinc are all very important for hair health. So let's know what kind of diet you should take to keep your hair thick and strong.

Protein content

Keep more protein in the food. Protein is high in hair formation. That is why, with the help of the right food, you should include more and more protein.

Be sure to eat things with omega 3 fatty acids. Eating it increases both the shine and moisture of the hair. Consumption of omega 3 fatty acid items like soybean, canola oil, flax seeds, and chia seeds will be beneficial.

Vitamin A intake can be beneficial to prevent hair fall. Because it stops the process of thinning hair. Carrots, tomatoes, eggs, as well as milk, dairy products can be consumed as sources of vitamin A.

Including zinc in food can also be beneficial to improve hair health. Sesame seeds, egg together with gram, almond, pea, cowpea, and same zinc are good sources. Including all these things in your diet can reduce the problem of hair loss.