Pregnancy before marriage: know why Hardika and Natasha may be the wrong motivation for common couples


There are many such couples in the celebrity circle, who became parents before marriage. Now the name of Hardik Pandya has also been included in this. However, for a common couple to come in such a situation, many problems can be invited.

Pregnancy before marriage: Learn why Hardik-Natasha can be wrong for common couples. Pandya and Natasha Stankovic have surprised everyone by announcing their engagement and now pregnancy. The couple is enjoying this phase a lot. Hardik, along with his fiancée, is at all times in the pregnancy period and is giving her full support. Congratulations have been sent on social media from all over the world for this couple, but it cannot be ignored that a common couple in such a situation can become a cause of trouble for them. There can be many reasons behind this.

Society questions

Only those people in the world can be truly happy who write the definition of happiness for themselves and they should not be affected by what others think. However, this is a bit difficult to do. In the circle in which celebrities move, there is more influence on Western thinking, so that the thing of pregnancy before marriage is also accepted. When it comes to a common couple, he may have to face the questions and taunts of the society along with his family. Getting fiance pregnant before marriage is such a thing, which is difficult to accept even today in Indian society.

Medical and Emotional Support

In the case of pre-marriage pregnancy, the couple also has difficulty in getting medical and emotional support. Even today there are many such cases, in which doctors are embarrassed by their questions and comments on the couples undergoing this situation. The couple also hesitates to seek medical help and the woman may have to bear the brunt of it.

At the same time in pregnancy, not only women but men need such people, who can give emotional support by giving them the right advice. However, in the event of fiancee getting pregnant before marriage, getting this emotional support is especially difficult in Indian society.

Job risk

Pregnancy status before marriage can increase the risk of a woman going to work. Many companies may ignore this as a private matter of a woman, in some they may be pressured to leave the job for the company's image. Even if the pressure from the office does not stop, the questions of the accompanying staff, Gossip, and indirect comment can make the woman so uncomfortable that she herself leaves the job.

Pressure and wrangling

When only questions and taunts come from society, family, relatives, friends, and office, it can be difficult for anyone to handle the situation. Pregnancy itself brings mental and emotional pressure, so due to the lack of external support, the couple starts pulling their stress on each other. This can become a reason for daily quarrels between them, which can also lead to the separation of the two.

Single motherhood

Many such cases exist around the world, in which when a pregnancy took place on having a physical relationship with a fiance before marriage, the male partner ran away. In such a situation, if the woman decides to have a child, then she has to go through the stage of single motherhood. In the Indian society even today single parent, especially single mom, has to face many difficulties. Not only this, when the child starts going to school and comes in contact with the world, he also has to face many problems.