Pooja Bhatt, angry at people, said- We worship Lord Ganesha.


Actress and director Pooja Bhatt are often in the news about her films and statements. His tweets are very viral on social media. Once again, she was seen to be threatening people with her tweet. He has tweeted this on the mistreatment of Hathini in Kerala. Which is getting a lot of headlines on social media.

Pooja wrote in her tweet, "We worship Lord Ganesha and kill elephants and misuse them. We worship Lord Hanuman and see monkeys clutching in chains and performing strange feats. We ladies Worships, but abuses women and also kills female infanticide. " Pooja's fans are commenting fiercely on this tweet.

Let me tell you that the cruelest behavior was done in Kerala with a pregnant elephant. Actually, a few days ago an elephant was fed such a pineapple by the local people, in which many crackers were filled. After which this pineapple burst in the mouth of a pregnant elephant. Her mouth was badly injured and she died. Bollywood actors have raised objections over the matter and have demanded severe punishment of the culprits.