Police hand over 2-meter long invoice of Rs 42,500 of vegetable sellers for not wearing a helmet


Many people appear to ignore traffic rules. Police are always alert to the people and advise them to follow the rules. But people ignore them. But a case came to light in Bangalore in which the police also cut the challan for all the past violations for not wearing a helmet. People who break the rules after knowing this will not break the rules. This is the case in Bengaluru, where a man did not wear a helmet. Meanwhile, the interesting thing was that 'this challan is two meters long and the fine is more than the price of a man's scooter'. Yes, you are surprised to know that but it is true. Now let's know the whole matter.

It happened that the person from Madiwala, whose name is Arun Kumar, is a vegetable seller by profession. He had a bad habit of not wearing a helmet and due to this, he got an invoice. One day the traffic police stopped Arun for not wearing a helmet. Although each time the police finish the case by deducting an invoice of Rs 500-1000, this did not happen to Arun. Rather, Arun got a two-meter long challan.

According to the information received, Arun was fined Rs 42,500 for violating traffic rules, which is more than the cost of his second-hand scooter. In this regard, Madiwala police said that Arun Kumar has violated traffic rules 77 times so far, and due to that he will now have to fill an invoice of Rs 42,500. Well, this is a very interesting thing. According to the information received, the police have also confiscated Arun's scooter.